Lisa and Larry's Love Lessons
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Lisa and Larry’s Love Lessons

A rom-com for the ears!


Lots of Fun!

Lisa and Larry’s Love Lessons made me laugh. It’s a fun, sweet comedy about  present-day partners who are reminiscent of old-time radio couples. Well done, I loved it!”


Pure Fun!

“Full disclosure, I love radio theatre, witty repartee, and the fun of observing the human psyche. This podcast showcases all three. It is addictive. Tight dialogue, funny and  clever, bright and engaging actors. More!”


Delightful, witty show

Lisa and Larry's Love Lessons is off to a great start, with two talented  performers, witty scripts, and top notch production. Lots of laughs!”

    Lisa and Larry, Wonderfully witty. A joy to listen to... absolutely love it! Looking forward hearing more.”

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