Lisa and Larry's Love Lessons
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Lisa and Larry’s Love Lessons

A rom-com for the ears!

Although Larry has almost no educational background that would make him a qualified expert on love and relationships, his decades-long history of disastrous romantic unions has taught him what not to do, and if he can ever learn from his past, he should be in fairly good shape. His two failed marriages taught him one valuable lesson -- when you fall in love with a woman, make sure it’s not solely because you think she has a nice butt.

He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Rock Polishing, but when he was unable to find suitable work in that field, he got a job in a pet store, if only so he could spend a lot of time around their rodents. Larry had a love for small, gnawing mammals since he was a little boy and his only true friend was a field mouse who lived in his parents‘ backyard. His memories of long-tailed “Freddie” inspired Larry to begin collecting RODENT FIGURINES, and it’s widely believed that he might have the largest collection of such knick-knacks of anyone named Larry.

When Larry met Lisa, he knew they were made for each other, and he continually proves his love by keeping her well-supplied with plenty of rat sculptures. The fact that he tolerates Lisa’s mother, who thinks her daughter could do much better than Larry, is another testament to the fact that he has fallen for Lisa in a big way. He is confident that together, the two of them will be able to help everyone out there in “Listening Land” have a loving relationship every bit as magical as theirs!

Larry lives in a two-bedroom apartment with terrible parking in the same medium-sized metropolitan area that Lisa lives. It only takes him 15 minutes to get to her house unless he has trouble squeezing out of his parking space or he gets lost on the way to her place. Even though he has GPS in his car, it usually takes him about half a mile west of wherever it is he’s trying to go.

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