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Lisa and Larry’s Love Lessons

A rom-com for the ears!

Lisa earned a Master’s Degree in Psychology, with undergraduate degrees in Social Work and Marriage and Family therapy, all while becoming an orange belt in Shaolin Kempo karate. There is no truth to the rumor that the only reason she graduated at the top of her class was because her professors were afraid she might otherwise get upset and inflict some karate chops on them.

After she graduated, she held a number of fascinating jobs in various fields, including being a singing massage therapist, a life coach for people who had previously worked in the greeting card business, and working in the human resources department of a hot dog stand.

Lisa came up with the idea for ”Lisa and Larry’s Love Lessons” after reflecting on her romantic life, which included being deserted at the altar twice, once by a bigamist, and the other time by a handsome gent who happened to have a prominent position on the FBI’s “Most Wanted” list.

When she ran her idea by Malcolm, a producer at a local radio station, he was very excited about it. One reason for his excitement dated back to when he previously owned that hot dog stand, and he had a secret crush on Lisa all the time he was slopping relish on wiener buns. However, as Lisa was now deeply and devotedly in love with Larry, she insisted that he be her partner on the new show, if only because calling the program ”Lisa and Larry’s Love Lessons” without involving someone named Larry seemed like a stupid idea.

Lisa is confident that their new podcast will help listeners everywhere avoid making all the bad relationship choices she made during her life, including not getting involved with somebody who robs banks for a living.

She lives in a quaint two-bedroom house that her wealthy mother gave her as an Arbor Day present.

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